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Art Lounge

Exceptional Artists, Exceptional Events

We are passionate and committed creators of outstanding live and virtual artistic experiences, including festivals, concerts, creative corporate music events, engagement projects and talent development programs. We believe music can enhance and improve performance. We also understand music’s unique role as a cultural and social catalyst. We work both nationally and internationally across a range of genres with incredible artists and performers. In addition, we produce custom scores and sound design for advertising, television and film. We are proudly building an exclusive sound library with some of the globe’s most amazing musicians.

Our work is original, distinctive and relevant.

We are determined that the artists we work with should have the chance to reach their full potential. We have an unwavering belief in the power of beauty to transform and enrich lives.


OCTOPUS proudly represents a small rooster of artists, reinforcing traditional talent management with digital distribution, social media and endorsement opportunities. We also offer our artist partners educational, charitable and cultural diplomacy opportunities. We strive to create visually engaging, strategically placed artistic content.


We produce distinctive content for the arts and collaborate worldwide with some of today’s most exceptional young artists.


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