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Who we are and what we do

We are a valued destination and artist management company specializing in alumni travel events, corporate retreats, and boutique cultural and artistic programs. We use our extensive networks in the arts, business and entertainment communities to develop once-in-a-lifetime programs for our clients.


​Our specialty is supporting alumni communities everywhere. We are eager to help you strengthen the bonds and fellowship within your alumni community and sustain connections with classmates and colleagues.

Rewards of being an Alumnus

Selection of experiences we have delivered

We are passionate about organizing dynamic alumni programs at selected European destinations that stimulate interest, build loyalty and instill a sense of belonging. Alumni are not only ambassadors, but also role models and community builders, conveying the history knowledge and values of their institutions to a wider audience.

Art Lounge

Exceptional Artists, Exceptional Events

Face behind the mask

Andrea Jádi Németh